All in the name of innovation

Eroğlu Holding’s new investment, Inoliva, is a pioneering pharmaceutical company, formed under the leadership of experienced experts.

By carrying its adopted vision and mission into the field of healthcare, it endeavours to make working on innovative products and achieving breakthroughs in the field its key principle.

Deriving its name, Liva, from northern mythology (life and the protection of health), the company has integrated their mission with the essence of their namesake. Inoliva’s main purpose is to provide the public with access to revolutionary products that aid in the preservation of life.


By utilizing an accumulation of international expertise within the field of healthcare, Inoliva aims to support the sustenance of healthy, happy and energetic lifestyles among individuals through its innovative products.

Inoliva strives to be Turkeys front runner of reliable providers in this field.


Through a perpetual awareness of the public and the importance lives carry, Inoliva’s mission is to:

  • Demonstrate activity within the realms of the Holistic Health philosophy.
  • Convert an accumulation of international expertise and R & D into the production of innovative strength enhancing and health-promoting products.
  • Engineer cutting edge products that are both high grade and effective.
  • Support the sustainability of healthy, happy and energetic lifestyles among individuals.