All in the name of innovation

Inoliva, is a pioneering pharmaceutical company that has decided to transfer its ground-breaking products into the health sector through the leadership of experienced experts, enabling the realisation of its mission, which is to bestow a happy and healthier life to the public, as it marks breakthroughs in the field with its innovative products.

Liva, embodies life and the protection of health in northern mythology. The sole purpose of Inoliva’s establishment was to allow public health access to cutting edge products that aid in the preservation of a life.


Çinkopast lozenge includes 30 lozenges with forest fruit flavor.
Çinkopast includes zinc acetate, as active substance, which is a zinc salt (İzinc) dissolved in
mouth cavity.
Lozenge including zinc acetate with its ionized zinc formula is the only formula exposing
100% zinc in mouth cavity.

LIPOZONE is a joint trademark for our innovative products consisting of vitamin and dietary
supplements produced with Lipo-L, the patented liposome technology.
It is the first new-generation series of vitamin and dietary supplements in Turkey with
Liposomal technology ensuring maximum absorption and thus, maximum efficacy.

HEPOLIVA is an innovative product crowned with a special coating technology called HBest,
developed by Velit Pharma, an Italian Biotechnology corporation. HBest is a registered
production technology of Inoliva Pharmaceuticals.


Adres: Huzur Mah. Cendere Cad. Skyland B Blok Kat: 2 Sarıyer / İstanbul 34396

Telefon: +90 (212) 289 00 43
Mail: info@inoliva.com.tr

Address: Huzur Mah. Cendere Cad. Skyland B Blok Kat: 2 Sarıyer / İstanbul 34396 a

Phone:0850 260 0 444
Mail: info@inoliva.com.tr

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